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Clarity for Inner Transformation

Transform Your Life the Way You C Fit

Soul Whisper Meditation Transmission (FREE)

Join this FREE Meditation Masterclass. Learn the art of allowing your mind to become still.

We meet the first Sunday of each month at 3pm PST.

Celestial fit Yoga Class

Compassion Circle – Celestial fit Yoga – Meditation

Enjoy exploring the depth of your heart and truly rise from your essential being. We start the class with a compassion circle to reside in that unconditional love space within. From there we will explore devotional hatha yoga combined with sacred geometry light frequency moving towards lightbody yoga. We will complete with silent sitting, listening deeply to the music of silence or guidance coming from your essential self.

We meet the first of each month 5-7pm via zoom.

Expressive Art Dream Study Group

Enjoying dreams and their messages? Learn how to guide others in their dream exploration. This course includes utilizing expressive art, poetry and transformational movement. Bring pen/crayons and art paper as well as a note pad.

This is a unique approach to dream study following the direction of flow and energetics of dreams. It will be combined with Crystalline Lightwork, clearing the energies that block the path to move forward in life.

Please contact me for joining the monthly group.

Walk-In Gathering

If you are a walk-in and would like to share your successes and struggles being on Earth with like-minded souls, please contact me for more info.

Currently, only 1:1 walk-in sessions. Stay tuned.

Multi-Dimensional Perception (MDP) Certification Course

This is a training course to become a practitioner in multi-dimensional perception. Or participate in the course to be a better parent or to focus on personal transformation embodying your higher self.

Clear out all the stuff that has not been you in the first place.

New version: 10 weeks online. We meet via zoom for 10 weekends, 2.5 hours on Saturdays and 2.5 hours on Sundays
Next course start TBA. Please contact me for small group or 1:1 training.

Dream Yoga 101

Learn the basics of dream remembrance, taking notes, how to prepare the mind, when to keep sleeping and when to get up to remember your dreams. We will include some breath practices for you to prepare for lucid dreaming.

Weekly meetings for ten weeks. Course start TBA

Reiki Level I+II Initiations

Receive access to Usui Reiki energies in the Level I initiation to support your personal wellbeing. You can start offering hands-on sessions on others. In the Reiki Level II initiation you will receive the symbols and the capacity to offer distance sessions. Both levels can be taken within the same week.

Reiki Masters Initiation can follow about 6 months later. You will receive the capacity to initiate others.