Meditation Guidance Sessions

Meditation is the ultimate stillness of the mind-field. Would you like to discover such stillness within?

You are never too busy to meditate!

  • Come down to zero
  • Find moments of serenity
  • Focus your mind
  • Prepare your body so meditation becomes easy

Xian will teach you to meditate and how to integrate meditation into your daily personal and professional life.

Learn to enjoy having a sitting meditation practice on a busy day!

Be Focussed – Be Still – Be Serene

This session is for you

  • You are committed
  • You long for stillness
  • You need a break from your mind

Contact Xian to learn more about remote meditation sessions, in which she will transmit light frequencies into your energy body while you are meditating. This session will raise your overall frequency and make your meditation practice easier.

FREE Monthly Soul Whisper Meditation Transmission