The Yoga of House Clearing

With house clearing I mean clearing without as much as within. The ancient saying goes that your outer surrounding represents the state of your mind. If your surrounding is tidy your mind is clear. If your surrounding is messy, it is time to create space for a clear meditative presence.
I have noticed that stuff collects easily around me, representing different parts of me and my life. Many of those are simply memories. Now, do I want to hold on to who I used to be 5 or even 20 years ago? Personally, I don’t. What about you?

There are two options:
1) Change within and wait until you are ready to let go of the outer objects
2) Let go of the outer objects to support the inner change that you desire
Often the two accompany each other.

Where to start?​​​​​​​
If this process is difficult for you ask a friend to support you with her grounding presence or hire a space clearing specialist. Get two big boxes, one for things to trow away, another one for things to sell. Some objects might make beautiful gifts.​​​​​​​ Go into a meditative state in which you are connecting to your deeper self (higher self). From that inner presence make your choices. Once you have placed objects into one of the boxes, leave them there (no second guessing). Maybe you need a third box, marked “maybe”. Consider, if it is not a clear yes, it is no. But also be gentle on yourself. The box marked “maybe” might land in your basement or storage for a few months until you are emtionally ready to let go of the content.

Enjoy the process of clearing your inner being by clearing your outer space. I’d be happy to read about your experiences.