What are Thoughts?

There are so many thoughts floating around. Some may seem personal, other thoughts appear local to the community, and yet other thoughts are cultural. The mind is a vast field with thought forms swimming in it, like tiny living creatures in the ocean. We can allow them to attach to us or let them float by. They might sting or they might look pretty. They might feel like you want to keep them. They do have their own existence. It’s best to let them go.

If you have ever been in the ocean snorkeling or even diving, you might notice that there is more activity closer to the surface or where the water is shallow. It is the same with the mind-field. If you dare to dive deeper, outside noises vanish, there is less activity, and more and more subtle sounds until you reach the depth of what appears like mere stillness, outside movement has ceased.

The key, sorry folks, is practice. You have to keep practicing. A one time paid adventure trip won’t last a lifetime. Practice supports you to take any experience into your daily life. Practice supports you to trust, even if at times, the waves seem stronger again. The practice will carry you through any storm.

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Love and light,