Social Beliefs

Do you believe everything you have been told?

What about
– When I am grown up I should get married and have kids.
– Men should not wear skirts.
– I have to earn a lot of money.
– I am only accepted if I wear the style of clothes that my friends are wearing.
– I need to be social

What if
All that you have learned growing up and maturing in your life are just social concepts? Some of these concepts are obviously different in different cultures. Others might be more widely common. Some are strong believes in rural areas whereas life in the big cities is more liberal.

If you are currently not happy in your life, ask yourself. What do I really need in order to be happy?

Maybe what is needed is an inner adjustment, and not adhering to your former believe system. Maybe you already have everything you need (though maybe not what society tells you). Maybe happiness is closer than you think by acceptance of your true innermost desires (not the outer ones).

Breathe and trust yourself.