I am in the midst of writing my dissertation and would appreciate your participation in my research.  Sharing your experiences may serve others in their integration process. The topic of my dissertation and research focus is how gratitude may affect the integration of spiritually transformative experiences, specifically the experiences of having contact with ultimate reality, source, unity with the cosmos, or the void, and/or dissolution of self. A near death experience would also be eligible.

This is a 45 min. online survey with open questions for you to share your experience. Participation is voluntary and your personal information will be kept confidential. Information from the questionnaire may be used for scholarly articles and a later book project. Only pseudonyms will be used.

Please, get in touch with me if you fall into the following category:

  • Daily meditation practice for over 5 years
  • Have had a minimum of one life-changing self-transcendent experience of experiencing oneself as unity consciousness / one with cosmos / void / ultimate reality and/or dissolution of self that you have tried to integrate into your life
  • Not diagnosed according to the DSM and not having taken prescribed medication for mental health within the last 2 years minimum
  • See a connection between self-transcendence and gratitude
  • Have a relationship with gratitude / Gratitude plays a role in your life

If you would like to participate in the research, please contact me.

Thank you for your participation. Please, feel free to share this request.

In beauty and gratitude,

Devi Prem
Certified Transformational Coach
844 888 3108
(Ph.D. student at Sofia University, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)