KA Channel Opening & Activation

Enjoy a process towards your Higher Self embodiment.

Pleiadian Lightwork

Pleiadian Lightwork is the name given to the healing, spiritual activation, and ascension techniques which are part of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

This mystery school system is essentially the resurrection and con-temporization of the ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian systems. Its chief purpose is that of assisting in bringing about the second coming of Christ en masse, when a minimum of 144,000 humans attain to Christ consciousness on Earth.

This will trigger an enlightenment wave through the Earth and all her people, and planetary ascension. The time of the great planetary spiritual awakening is now. By learning to live impeccably, anchoring Higher Self in our bodies, restoring our souls, and aligning multidimensionally with the Great Central Sun, the Source of All That Is, we shall be victorious! (quoted from Amorah Quan Yin’s Web Site)

KA may be described as the electrical, light-body circuitry that exists identically and simultaneously in the third through sixth dimensions and that ultimately functions in all those dimensions to anchor and contain your Christed Presence in form. It is the interface between spirit, dimension and form that allows us to move through dimensions in our highest evolved “physical” form.

For a more detailed explanation please see The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin.

There is a series of 16 pairs of Ka channels that I will focus on to bring your own Ka energy into them to activate them as fully as possible. This involves a “hands on” clearing and activation procedure that takes approximately 15 hours to open all the channels gracefully. This is a very beautiful and intimate process as density is released and more and more of your Higher Self energy begins to flow through your physical body. Other hands on energy work may be called for and utilized during this process.

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Please contact Xian directly for application. After acceptance you will receive an invoice. Once your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the personal information form for your session series. Dr. Xian will then contact you to schedule a time.
Prerequisite: 6 hours of Chakra Clearing

The KA Channel Opening will bring you into more wholeness with yourself. 

This is a hands-on program that can be completed within 15 sessions depending on your preparedness. Personalized chakra clearing might be needed before  approaching the KA Channel Opening.

Private sessions available. 

“Dr. Xian is an amazing teacher. She is truly living what she is teaching. Her example of how she lives her life and pours love into her connections and relationships is an amazing example and has deeply inspired me. I honor her way of being, how she guides sessions, meditations and trains future practitioners. Thank you so much for your work and dedication.”
“The soothing  music and great overlays of this Dolphin dance was very nurturing and placed me deeply into a very soulful Heart Space. Thank you dear Dr. Xian!”

KA channel opening is the opening, awakening of the “electrical light-body circuitry” that allows your Christ presence fully in your physical body.  I felt called to get this done after reading the Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin.  I felt like I was guided every step once I made that decision and found Dr. Xian Prem.  She was amazing at explaining everything that I needed to do to get ready to start the KA channel opening.  There was quite a bit of clearing work that I personally needed.  Her strong intuition and loving heart helped me through some tough topics I needed help clearing.  It’s nice that we were able to work around each other, using Zoom as a platform for appointments if in person wasn’t possible.

This is a very intimate process from clearing work through the hands-on KA channel opening and I was comfortable every step of the way.  I was given exercises and meditations to do on my own to help and maintain the KA channel flow, grounding, cleansing and purifying my auric field, connecting with my Higher Self, and also given ways to protect my space whether at home, work, or anywhere!  This has been an incredible journey and I couldn’t imagine a better person to guide, teach, and help me.