Gratitude Practice

Welcome home into your own heart. When is the last time you have shared gratitude with someone? As part of my current grad school homework, I was asked to write a letter of gratitude. I would like to invite you to write such a letter. It does not need to be sent. In either case, be sure they will receive your loving thoughts. This gratitude may be expressed to someone you have not been in touch with, in a while or someone you are very grateful to but have never told them. It may be expressed to yourself as a form of loving self-care or it may be to one of your teachers or the universe at large.

If you would like to expand this expression of gratitude, then draw a lifeline of gratitude experiences and mark the times in which you felt most grateful. Looking at the times less grateful, form an imaginary ball of love and compassion and forgiveness and throw this ball of love to the times in your life where you see less gratitude. See what happens. Then focus on the times you are most grateful for and hold them in your heart. Dwell on this beautiful feeling. Allow it to turn into a meditation and enjoy sitting in gratitude.

Any questions or life struggles? The answer lies in your own heart. If you would like support accessing your wisdom, clearing energies that are holding you back, or raising your frequencies, feel free to reach out. I am here.
With gratitude for your presence in my life.

In love and light,