Create Your Own Reality

You have probably noticed people around you that just feel stuck in their own belief system and you are wishing for them to simply see how much their perspective of reality is dependent on how they talk about it.

Guess what?

You are probably doing the same, hopefully just with less pain involved.

Well, if you so clearly see how much other people could shift into more happiness by changing their perspectives, this probably is true for you to.

Test yourself:

Think a negative thought and look out of the window. What do you see?

Now, think a positive thought or think of someone you love and then look out of the window. What do you see?

What has changed by simply changing your inner frequency?

Take this practice on for several moments in your day. See what changes.

Ready for a bigger change in your life?

Return to seeing so clearly what that other person could change so easily. Step outside of yourself and look at your own life as if you were that other person. What do you see? What would you tell them how their perspective could change by changing their attitude? What changes in life if any would you suggest?

Enjoy the process of creating the life you are made for.