Tips to Change the World

Welcome Home to Your Inner Guidance, Love, and Trust in Yourself!

The world seems to be more and more agitated. The more important it becomes to stay centered within. From this center, we can vibrate balance, love, and trust with others.

Have you lately thought about how best to support this planet?
Here are a few suggestions:

– Be love, act from love

– Be kind with your choice of words

– Plant trees

– Grow food

– Pick up random garbage

– Be an inspiration to others

– Purify your emotions by watching them instead of acting them out on others

– Give gratitude to the Earth when walking

– Find moments of silence during the day

– Help those in need

The best way to create change on the planet is by creating change within. Loving thoughts will vibrate love. Any type of thoughts of anger or that are against the system or something will carry that vibration and perpetuate it. You do not need to agree with what is happening. But you also do not need to add to that same agitation. Be loving, think loving thoughts and you will purify yourself and your environment. Create change in your direct environment.

May we love ourselves and vibrate love. May we love each other and love the world.

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In love and light,