Being Radically Generous

When you don’t have time at all, it is the most important time to meditate.
Pray, dance, be with nature, write poetry, sit in silence…
This week this special TED talk about generosity and being a contribution has reminded me deeply of who I am in my true nature. It has remained me that deep within there is a Mother Teresa inside of me. I believe that such spirit is in all of us.

Being radically generous can change the world. It can change our consumption oriented culture up-side down. The simple thought of “How can I add value?” instead of “What can I get out of it?” makes a difference. Especially for those of us in spiritually oriented professions, we want to authentically help people.

I believe a profound way of helping others is by empowering them, to step up being of service with their own unique gifts. Believing in our clients and participants and truly caring for them in support of the best they can be. To me this is true leadership and true service.

This also applies to how we interact with family, community, and our nation. What is your next step to support the ones around you? It might be a smile or an acknowledgement.

Abundance comes from within. Love is your true nature.

Take some quiet time to meditate.

May you walk the path of love, embracing yourself and all that is in the light of love. May you love so deeply that duality dissolves and only Supreme Consciousness remains pouring into and through you.