Being Present

KSKQ Radio Interview with Dr. Susheela Prem

“Leave what’s heavy behind” is such a fitting starting song for being present in the moment.

Interview with Dr. Susheela Prem at KSKQ Community Radio May 4, 2021 Ashland, OR
Interview starts at 1:36:00
Meditation starts at 1:53:50

What I have not shared in detail in the interview is the full scope of the definition of transcendence. It felt important to keep the content grounded. As mentioned, any practices and desires to go beyond reality are not about avoiding life, but to enjoy life more fully. And in my humble opinion to be of service to those in need.


… can mean being in flow.

… can mean a peak experience.

… can mean being absorbed, which is the depth of meditation.

… can mean the transcendence of time or space.

… can mean leaping beyond the identity of self.

Transcendence can also mean what I focused on in my research…

… one with the cosmos.

… the void.

… dissolution of self.

All these experiences are not about getting out of here. They are about being here more fully in joy, compassion and gratitude.