Being a Contribution

I am currently integrating all the different parts of myself. There is my German upbringing, my business background, the meditation and yoga teacher, the monastic, the passionate expressive dancer and facilitator, having lived in India, and now in the US. I am moving forward into a new adventure of creating a coaching program and course offerings that feel authentic, in integrity with who I am on a soul level, and wanting to offer a contribution, being of service to those around me. All the while figuring out how to make a living without wanting to be focussed on sales and making money. And having gone through this inner process, I am offering you support finding your pathway into prosperity.

Today I am deciding to re-create business terms into vocabulary that feels in alignment with my spiritual path. Here are my suggestions and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and contributions.

business > offering

financial plan > vision

product > contribution

marketing > being an inspiration

sales > sparking the light in someone

suspect (first contact of a potential client) > connection

prospect (potential client) > making acquaintances with a real heart to heart connection

client > being of purpose

workshop participants > sharing love

competition > collaboration

In this society that is so drilled to more and more, more money, more turnover, more clients, I like to stop playing this game.  At the end this is cultural conditioning. It is our choice if we live this game. When I go into meditation and feel my heart and soul, what I really want is having time with nature, real connections with the people around me, and being a contribution, especially to those that suffer. Today I am deciding that this is enough! It is more than enough!