Yoga leading into meditation

Live from Your Essence. Rest in Your True Nature.

Advanced yoga (union) means allowing the practice to become subtler. It is not about being able to twist your body well, but about being able to allow your mind to rest in stillness while being in your body.  

The Ancient Text on Yoga – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 


In the ancient understanding, yoga is samadhi, a state of union of the individual soul with the cosmic source. Sitting meditation is one of the steps toward the experience of this union. Meditation in different traditions has slightly different definitions.

Yoga is a complete path in itself with its own ancient textbook called the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. According to the Yoga Sutra, the definition of yoga is:

I.2 yogaśh chitta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ
Yoga is the control of the modifications and operations of the mind- field.

I.3 tadā draṣhṭuḥ sva-rūpe’vasthānam
Then (upon dissolution of vṛttis), the seer’s remaining in his own nature [is maintained, continues].

Its definition of meditation is:

III. 2 atra pratyayaikatānatā dhyānam
“In that concentration of holding the mind on a focus (dhāraṇā), the single continuous flow of the mind is called meditation (dhyāna).”

Further steps on the roadmap of consciousness lead towards enlightenment:

III.3 tad evārthamātra-nirbhāsaṁ svarūpa-śhūnyam iva samādhiḥ
“The state of spiritual absorption that emerges when the object of meditation alone shines forth in the mind and when the mind is devoid of thought of the self [which is meditating] and is, thus, as it were, devoid of its own form is called samādhi.”

The ultimate goal in yoga is freedom:

IV.34 puruṣhārtha-śhūnyānāṁ guṇānāṁ prati-prasavaḥ kaivalyaṁ svarūpa-pratiṣhṭhā vā citi- śhaktireti
“Kaivalya is the final state of enlightenment. Since the Moving Principle (gunas) no longer has any purpose to serve for the purpose of the Conscious Principle (puruṣhā), they resolve themselves into their original cause (prakrti). This is the Final Liberation (kaivalya). Then, the Consciousness-Force (citi-śhakti) is established in its own true nature, shining forth pristine radiance as pure consciousness.”

Recommended book:
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