Trust Your Heartbeat
based on my 7 Seeds® Model of Human Development

Explore Your Potential

In the coming weeks we will explore the basis of human potential — your potential — from seven different perspectives. We will rotate the topic from week to week.

  1. Ground: Embodiment through dance
  2. Clarity: Psychology through creative expression
  3. Center: Yoga guided by breath
  4. Connection: Surrender to love: Establishing forgiveness and compassion
  5. Essence: Toning your soul
  6. Synchronicity: Principles of energy awareness
  7. Being: Meditate to balance your state of being

Bonus: Living a life in gratitude

Your personality is what you make out of it. Nurture the seeds of your true self. Rearrange the parts you don’t like into a more fitting storyline. You can do it.

The purpose is to connect you to your own inner guidance and wisdom. These are teachings to take you into states of unconditional love towards yourself.

You deserve to live your true essence. I am here to support you.

Live the Life You C FIT!

Private sessions available. 

“Susheela is an amazing teacher. She is truly living what she is teaching. Her example of how she lives her life and pours love into her connections and relationships is an amazing example and has deeply inspired me. I honor her way of being, how she guides sessions, meditations and trains future practitioners. Thank you so much for your work and dedication.”
“The soothing  music and great overlays of this Dolphin dance was very nurturing and placed me deeply into a very soulful Heart Space. Thank you dear Susheela!”