4-weeks every Friday starting September 11, 2020 5-6pm

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Equality Matters

Transpersonal Equality: A Meditative Peace Approach to Diversity

I have been thinking of putting up a sign “Black Lives Matter”, but noticed that I don’t feel comfortable with the wording. I feel Native Americans, Hispanics, LBGT are left out of the equation. I realized that I would feel comfortable with supporting a sign “Equality Matters”. Maybe it’s because I am a woman, maybe it’s because I have lived in different countries and have been an “outsider” of not being part of the majority myself. I came to the conclusion that the topic is not black and white. I decided that I don’t want to support a fight one against the other. Being a transpersonalist, I like to step beyond duality and see all as equal, including animals and plants, a global and maybe even cosmic view.

Join this talk and meditation by Alumni of Sofia University Susheela Devi Prem, Ph.D.

Our time together will include techniques for emotional purification dissolving cultural belief systems and meditation approaches to send waves of peace to places needed. All are welcome.

  • Help the collective by harmonizing your alignment: Face your inner racism and clear cultural habits deep within
  • Step beyond gender, color, and national identity
  • Equality Matters starts within

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